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Weamco (The First Name in Strainers) has been manufacturing dependable high quality Permanent and Temporary Strainers since 1973. Industries such as Pipelines, Hydrocarbon, Chemical, Power, Gas, Pulp & Paper, Process Plants, and Refineries all over the world have come to depend on Weamco's impeccable service, quality and dependability.

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PRESSURE DROP CHART Temporary Cone and Basket Strainers (TC, TB) KECKLEY This pressure drop chart is based on the flow of clean water through the Keckley Strainer Styles listed above with screen perforations ranging from 1/16" through 1/8". TO USE CHARTS: Find your desired rate of flow (GPM) on the left hand side of the chart.

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Aug 11, 2009· Pressure Drop Across Coarse Strainers - posted in Industrial Professionals: Hello everyone,I'm working on a project where it has been proposed to install a coarse strainer on the suction side of a pump, to prevent large objects damaging the pump. The strainer is a flat plate, with as much 10mm holes as possible punched into it. I'd like to calculate the pressure drop across it, and am ...

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Weamco has been manufacturing dependable high quality permanent and temporary strainers since 1973.

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Dec 22, 2005· I dont think that at 150% of open area there is going to be a significant pressure drop. When the strainer becomes clogged there will be a presure drop worth considering. Idelchik Ch8 Flow Resistance A Design Guide for ENgineers covers such devices …

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Titan offers standard dimensions for its Temporary Strainers, as given on the catalog sheets for Basket and Cone Type Temporary Strainers and for Plate Type Temporary Strainers. Please note, however, that Titan's fabricated products are made to each customer's unique specifications.

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FlowRatevsPressureDrop - Hellan Strainer. Flow Rates Vs Pressure Drop The table below lists the flow rate (Cv), in gallons per minute of water that will result in 10 pounds per square inch of differential pressure across the size and type of strainer shown in the left-hand column with the screen opening shown across the top. Get Info

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Temporary basket strainers will have a slightly higher pressure loss across them than temporary cone strainers. Temporary plate strainers will have the highest pressure drop. Special reinforcing rings and supports can be installed to maintain integrity of the cone or basket for heavy load applications where the differential pressure will exceed ...

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Pressure Drop Online Calculator for Mobile and PDA-----Element of pipe: Strainers and grids / Conical strainer Estimate Clean Pressure Drop in Cone Strainer - 25-4-2006 I would like to estimate in advance the pressure drop of the proposed design ...

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Strainer Application Review: Why does my pipeline need a strainer? while "basket" is the term that is used in a basket type strainer. The internals of a strainer are really the internal screening, or filtering element. basket strainer duplex strainer frp strainer gauge taps power-gen pressure drop strainer strainers Titan trade show.

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STRPDC-0816 TECHNICAL AND PERFORMANCE DATA PRESSURE DROP CHARTS f WYE & BASKET STRAINERS TITAN TITAN FLOW CONTROL, INC. Tel: 910-735-0000 s Fax: 910-738-3848 s [email protected] 290 Corporate Drive s PO Box 7408 s Lumberton, NC 28358 TITAN FLOW CONTROL, INC.

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Mar 10, 2009· It does take some pressure drop but it is concentric so it straightens flow into the pump. The downside is that even a clean cone generates pressure drop which may lead to insufficient NPSHa, especially if it has small holes, too short a cone or catches too much trash. Whether you have sufficient suction head is the key.

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The pressure loss across a strainer can be calculated using the system's flow rate and the Cv factor for that strainer. For example, a 1" Model 72 simplex strainer with a perforated basket has a Cv factor of 22.5. In water service with a 30 gpm flow rate, it will have a 1.7 psi pressure drop (30 ÷ 22.5)2 = 1.7.

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Pressure Drop Charts - "Y" Type Strainers (Cast) THREADED AND WELD END "Y" TYPE STRAINERS (YS12, YS52, YS55, YS56, YS81, YS82, YS83, YS84, YS63, YS65) Flow Rate - GPM (Clean Screen Handling Water) Pressure Drop - PSI 11.52 345 678910152 345 6 …

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Engineering Specification for the Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Pipeline ... type of Y strainer (Fig. 1A), there are several variations of basket strainers (Figs. 1B through ... because of the more circuitous path the liquid must take through a duplex strainer, pressure drop is higher than through the equivalent size single or twin ...

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There is little pressure drop when the screen is clean since it is in a straight flow with the pipe. The bottom of the screen cone is to be down stream. See YouTube Video - Temporary Strainer; Y Strainer. There are two types of strainers, basket and y. The y strainer is normally used where there is a small amount of material to be collected.

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Heavy duty 316 stainless steel temporary cone basket type straine with double mesh outside for reverse flow. With support rings on outter basket to prevent mesh tears/rips under high pressure …

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FLANGED BASKET STRAINER PRESSURE DROP – LIQUIDS (Sizes 2" to 24") FIGURE 2 ... 1-888-300-9160 [email protected] BULLETIN STR995-1 PRESSURE DROP DATA BASKET STRAINERS SCREEN CORRECTION FACTORS FOR NON-STANDARD AND MESH LINED SCREENS Multiply values obtained from Figure 1 and 2 by the appropriate values shown below …

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If the perforations are too small, a high pressure drop could develop across the strainer and cause it to fail. Installation in Piping. Strainer should be easily removed by adding a pipe support or pipe stand close to the strainer and/ or a removable spool so that the strainer can be removed easily.

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Temporary Strainer Outline Drawings and Pressure Drop Chart . You can use the differential pressure chart to estimate the approximate clean pressure drop across a temporary cone or basket style strainer. The chart data is based upon water and perforations ranging from 1/8" to 1/16". ...

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Basket strainers have more debris holding capacity than Y strainers, and generally have less of a pressure drop, which is why they are ideal in liquid applications. These strainers are usually supplied in one of four materials: iron, carbon steel, bronze, or stainless steel.

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Fluid Engineering Cone Strainers are available in various sizes and configurations. The typical "witches hat" cone designs can be supplied, as well as the "pilgrim hat", or basket-type strainer. Perforated strainers, mesh-lined strainers, and even specialty cones with …

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Custom Strainer Screens Custom Engineered Strainers, Screens and Baskets Quad Reverse Cone Strainer Production Capabilities and Engineering Expertise Temporary Cone and Basket Strainers Features Ordering Information Dimensional Data Fabricated Tee Type Strainers Construction Dimensional Data Pressure Drop Charts Custom Strainer Styles

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Before commencing on preparation of strainer specification the first step involves identifying the types of strainers and quantifying the number of strainers from the P&ID'S. Alternatively Strainers can be included in Piping MTO for quantification purpose.

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